Files used by source control integration in VSS and VS .NET

There are a couple of files used by VisualStudio and SourceSafe for source control integration.
Before describing what is stored in them w.r.t. source control, let me emphasize one thing: DO NOT DELETE THESE FILES !
If you think that you will "unclutter" your hard drive by deleting these files, think again! You will do more harm than good, and will risk breaking the source control integration or other source control related features.

Solution file (<Solution>.sln)

	GlobalSection(SourceCodeControl) = preSolution
		SccNumberOfProjects = 2
		SccProjectName0 = \u0022$/Solution1\u0022,\u0020HBAAAAAA
		SccLocalPath0 = ..\\..
		SccProvider0 = MSSCCI:Microsoft\u0020Visual\u0020SourceSafe
		CanCheckoutShared = true
		SccProjectFilePathRelativizedFromConnection0 = SubFolder\\Solution1\\
		SolutionUniqueID = {50843811-C224-4A03-8FFF-C527B6AFE5AA}
		SccProjectUniqueName1 = ClassLibrary1\\ClassLibrary1.vbproj
		SccLocalPath1 = ..\\..
		CanCheckoutShared = true
		SccProjectFilePathRelativizedFromConnection1 = SubFolder\\Solution1\\ClassLibrary1\\

Project files (<Project>.vcproj, <Project>.vbproj, etc)

Connection hint file (<Solution>.vsscc) - notice the double 's', different from solution hint file that uses tripple 's'

Solution hint file (<Solution>.vssscc)

	"FILE_VERSION" = "9237"
	"PROJECT_FILE_RELATIVE_PATH" = "relative:SubFolder\\Solution1"
	"EXCLUDED_FILE0" = "ExcludedTextFile.txt"
	"EXCLUDED_FILE1" = "ExcludedTextFile2.txt"
Project hint files (<Project.vcproj>.vspscc, <Project.vbproj>.vspscc, etc)

Solution user options (<Solution>.suo)

MSSCCPRJ.SCC - This file is created by MSSCCI-compliant source control providers

VssVer.scc or VssVer2.scc - These are binary files that are specific to Microsoft Visual SourceSafe

%USERPROFILE%\Local Settings\Application Data\Microsoft\WebsiteCache\Websites.xml - Visual Studio 2005 web project bindings